3 Reasons to Work with Wasco

Wasco: Head and Shoulders Above the Competition

Despite our deep roots and long history in Nashville, Tennessee, you may not have ever heard the name Wasco unless you have ties to the construction industry. When you do hear the name for the first time, you’re likely to think blue collar, construction labor and brick. While you wouldn’t be wrong, a simple scratch to the surface reveals Wasco, Inc. to be so much more.

When we say “engineered masonry excellence”, it may sound like some phrase we crafted to sound important; however, a quick look at the legacy of Wasco, the Nashville (and other cities) staples we’ve left our mark on and our quality of work will show you we can back up the phrase.

What truly sets us apart are our people. With a family-like work culture, intentional personnel development and a commitment to safety and quality everyone on our team subscribes to – these are the reasons to choose Wasco; the reasons we are head and shoulders above the competition.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Hear it straight from the people.


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