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Build Your Career to Last at the Masonry Training Institute.

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Earn as you learn.

The Masonry Training Institute is the only locally structured masonry career advancement program where you can unlock your potential and level up your career as you earn.

In the two years of full-time school you’d need to earn an associate’s degree or certificate from someplace else, The Masonry Training Institute lets you earn great pay with benefits, increase your on-the-job responsibility, and learn from the most experienced certified masons in the industry.

In as little as two years, you could be managing your own crew, earning the best pay in the construction trades, and providing comfort and security for yourself and your family.

So, if you’re ready to put in the work and build a career, WASCO’s Masonry Training Institute is ready for you.


  • What is the Masonry Training Institute?

    The Masonry Training Institute is a structured work/study program exclusively available to WASCO employees. It combines on-the-job work and new skills training with classroom sessions to increase your knowledge and abilities. It’s the ideal career track for anyone interested in making a living in the construction trades.

  • How do I “earn as I learn?”

    As a WASCO employee, you’re eligible to enroll in the Masonry Training Institute program. You’ll be paired with experienced employees, where you’ll be introduced to new skills on the job. As you master these new skills, you’ll be eligible for evaluations that can increase your hourly pay rates and earn valuable industry certifications.

  • How far can I go?

    The Masonry Training Institute provides the opportunities and the training you need to advance to full-time management, overseeing the work of multiple crews and complex projects.

    You may also find that you have a talent in a more specific area. The Masonry Training Institute has the instruction, experienced mentors, and opportunities that will allow you to master those skills, too.

  • How much can I earn?

    The need and job market for skilled, certified masons is constant. In a growing economy, new builds and expansions offer skilled, certified masons countless opportunities. Even in softer economies, repair and renovation work exists in the residential, institutional, civic, and business sectors. 

    Most begin their careers as Mason Tenders, with a starting hourly rate of $15.00/hour.  With additional training and specialties certifications, you could earn an additional $9.50/hour, for a total possible pay rate of $24.50/hour as a Mason Tender. 

    Your Mason Tender Certification is just the beginning.  From there, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Certified, experienced masons who manage multiple crews and projects can go on to earn a six-figure income.

  • How long will it take?

    That depends … how hard are you willing to work? 

    If you’ve got the talent and the drive, here’s what you can expect:

    • Once you’ve enrolled in the Masonry Training Institute, your 40-hour work week will be supplemented by 4 additional hours of class time monthly, usually on a Saturday morning. 
    • During these Saturday morning classes, you’ll learn principles and science of masonry and restoration that you’ll put to work on the job.
    • As you learn and demonstrate competency at new skills, you and your mentor will determine when you’re ready for testing and certification.
    • With each new skill certification you earn, you’ll see increased pay and new opportunities on the job.
    • How far you go, and how quickly you get there, depends on your drive and your skill. On average, Masonry Training Institute students advance from Mason Tender I (masonry’s “ground floor”) to a Lead Tender or Apprentice in as little as three years.


Below is WASCO’s stated Operating Policy in regards to Equal Employment Opportunity. WASCO has worked hard to maintain compliance with all EEO regulations and rules including a number of outreach programs through the years.

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