Few masonry contractors are as committed and dedicated to safety as WASCO. Every member of the WASCO team is committed to maintaining and improving our record of safe projects.

  • Full-time, executive-level oversight of site and project safety, with the authority to shut down a project when necessary to protect employees or the public

  • All site supervisors and foremen are required to complete the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s 30-hour Construction Safety Course

  • All employees are encouraged to complete 10-hour OSHA Safety Course as part of new employee onboarding process

Drug-Free Workplace

In 1995 WASCO, Inc. adopted its current Drug Free Workplace Policy, which states, in part:

"It is the policy of WASCO to maintain its property and to provide a working environment that is both safe for its employees, including others having business with WASCO or on WASCO’s property, and is conductive to efficient and productive work standards. This Policy restricts certain items and substances from being brought on or being present on WASCO, Inc. property, and prohibits company employees and others working or being present on company property from having detectable levels or identifiable trace quantities of certain drugs and other substances in their system…"

In addition, WASCO Inc. is a member of and fully supports the aims of the Tennessee Drug Free Workplace program.

Flashing Policy

WASCO, Inc.’s preferred method of installation and preferred product types are detailed below. Our policy intends to comply with BIA Technical Note #7 – Water Resistance of Brick Masonry Design and Detailing, and NCMA Technical Note #19 Series.

  • Flashing material will be 3-oz. copper-coated flexible material of proper width to turn up two 2 inches behind wall board or 2 inches into block back-up and down back-up no less than 8 inches through cavity, completely through face and left visible.
  • Flashing termination in masonry will be turned up or dammed with mastic. Corners will be carefully lapped, fitted, and sealed as recommended by flashing manufacturer.
  • Weep holes will be cotton sash cord rope penetrating the face, turned up 16 inches, and attached to back-up. Cavities will be filled 2 inches high with river pea gravel, keeping cavities relatively clean, and with no extruded mortar blocking the cavity.
  • Under all shelf angles, a thin soft joint material will be installed and joints will be left free of mortar for caulking under flashing turned out. At all expansions joints and control joints, joints are to be totally free from bridging mortar.
  • Flashing will be used under all free-standing wall copings or rowlock caps.
  • Head and bed joints will be filled. Pin holes will be pointed as work progresses.
  • Tops of masonry walls will be covered daily.
  • Scaffold boards adjacent to exposed masonry walls will be swept or removed at end of each day.
  • Any single wythe CMU wall WASCO builds that is exposed to exterior will have flashing installed where needed.



This policy is WASCO, Inc.’s preferred method of installation and preferred product types.  We will use other types of flashing when specified, but strongly discourage the use of of PVC flashings.  The weep hole rope is our recommendation based upon experience. We will install alternative materials, but strongly discourage tubes. Pea gravel is our recommended method of protecting the cavity and flashing base but other specified materials are acceptable.

High Lift Grouting

1. Cleanout Openings

High lift grouting will be achieved in accordance with NCMA TEK Section 3-2. Cleanout openings of at least 3 inches will be provided at the bottom course of each core receiving grout and containing reinforcement at the beginning of each grout pour.

2. Debris Removal

Prior to grouting vertical cell, mortar droppings, debris or obstructions will be removed from the cleanout openings, masonry walls and bearing surface in order to achieve an adequate bond. Cleanout covers will then be installed.

3. Slump

Grout will have a slump of 8” to 11” (ASTM C143), and as recommended by the Masonry Institute of America. The masonry units will absorb the excess water from the grout. The face of grout filled CMU walls will be observed for moisture filtration, insuring that cores are filled completely.

4. Grout Height

High lift grouting allows the cells of hollow masonry units to be filled in a wall to a maximum height of 24 feet.

5. Proper Cell Preparation

Walls will be built with cross webs mortared to prevent grout escape from cells. Ladder type reinforcing will be utilized to achieve unobstructed cells. Joint reinforcing will not be permitted to obstruct vertical cores.

6. Reinforcing Placement

Vertical reinforcing bars will be placed without splices, except at new pours.


Below is WASCO’s stated Operating Policy in regards to Equal Employment Opportunity. WASCO has worked hard to maintain compliance with all EEO regulations and rules including a number of outreach programs through the years.

The employment policies and practices of WASCO, Inc. are to assure that qualified applicants are employed, and that employees are treated fairly during employment, without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, martial status, religious preference, physical handicap, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected status. Such action shall include: Employment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rate of pay or other forms of compensation or termination; and selection for training, including apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship, and /or on-the-job training.

This company further recognizes that the effective application of a policy of merit employment involves more than just a policy statement and will, therefore, undertake a program of affirmative action to make known that equal employment opportunities are available on the basis of individual merit and to encourage all persons to seek employment with this Company and to strive for advancement on this basis.

WASCO believes strongly in its commitment to EEO and has a dedicated EEO Officer to further that commitment.