Envelope Design Compliance


A quality exterior is more than skin deep. Quality envelope design requires that multiple systems and trades work perfectly together to create the long-lasting, low-maintenance, code compliant exterior you expect from your project.

Through more than 50 years of experience with building exterior skins, architects, owners, and contractors have come to trust WASCO’s deep understanding of envelope design compliance and best practices.

WASCO’s Envelope Design Compliance identifies possible envelope integrity issues with a comprehensive pre-estimate review of the project’s plans, including a detailed examination of the materials and methods spec’d for the project’s exterior.

These are the some of the items we evaluate when requested:

  • Sealing pipe/vent penetrations

  • Exterior insulation

  • Flashing materials and installation

  • Weep hole systems

  • Window openings

  • Roof/wall connectors

  • Sky lights

  • Air/vapor barriers

  • Sealants

Getting It Right The First Time

Envelope Design Compliance is a part of every project we do. By doing the job right the first time, we can often help eliminate the expensive rework and renovation that can arise when shortcuts are taken.