The #1 Reason You Should Work for Wasco

Build Something that Lasts

Trey Sneed, Andy Sneed, Adam Sneed


If you’ve ever found yourself applying for jobs in the sea of the internet, you’ve likely found multiple jobs you’ve either know. you would qualify for or would love to learn and develop into a career. You read through the job description – your mind and heart are screaming, “Yes!”; then you get to qualifications and see the number next to Experience: 3-5 years, 10+ years – how will you ever get to that level of experience when you can’t even get in the door?

Certainly, some jobs at Wasco, Inc. require seasoned workers, and we definitely boast a plethora of employees who have hit the 25+ year mark with us; however, we look at the big picture when it comes to construction jobs and labor, and continuation of workers and job fulfillment in the trade is important to us. We didn’t become the best in one of the world’s oldest trades by thinking small.

Masonry Training Institute is our earn-as-you-learn program with multiple career tracks. Starting out in the industry you can make a livable wage, and with our training, can grow into a long-term, lucrative career without going into debt. We love this program so much, we can’t stop talking about it.

When we get down to it, though, there’s something much more important about Wasco’s culture which surpasses longevity and our bank accounts.

When we recruit at Wasco, whether laborer, supervisor or administrative – we look for someone who wants a long-term, lucrative career and to be part of our family. Really, our family. 

Don’t believe me? See what our employees say below.



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